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Creating a memorial, plaque, or a personalized gift can be difficult.  We're here to help!!


Many people ask themselves should I put a picture on the monument, do I need to bring Family Memorials the picture, can they remove someone else that's in the image, how long will all this take, all valid concerning questions that we're here to answer.


Below you will find a list of some common questions we are asked and other tips on how to make your product stand out in quality.


First and foremost, the better quality the image we are provided the better quality the etching will be.


How to deliver your images:

- We prefer original unedited photos, digital, or actual photos are best

- If you are scanning a photo in please scan at 600dpi

- Please e-mail or mail original images

- When finding an image you like online, please search for "large" images, this makes things easier for redrawing or using the actual image from online.


*If you have any questions regarding photo quality, please do not hesitate to contact us!*


Can multiple pictures be combined?


Yes!  For example if you send us an image of your house, another of yourself, and another of your car, we can make them look like one image.  Problems we run into when offering to combine images is poor image quality.  If you have a very small, poor photo of your house, and a great picture of yourself and your car, it makes it hard to combine images and produce a solid result.  So, please, if you send in multiple photos, try to have all photos around the same quality.


Can items be added or subtracted from pictures?


Most certainly.  Please see the images above to see the changes that can be made.  We can remove something as simple as a logo on someones shirt to removing someone completely from a photo.  The powers of photoshop!


Can a photo be restored?


We try our hardest to repair photos that are damaged but there are some that just aren't repairable.  If you wonder whether a photo can be fixed, let your dealer or us know and we'll take a look and review.  It is amazing what we can do to repair photos, change clothing, and even change hairstyles.  Please note that if an image requires an extreme amount of repair we may have to add additional charges.


Have you seen two different etchings of ours are thought that one was much better than the other?


Here's why, the higher quality images guarentee higher quality etchings.  The better the picture, the better the etching.


Do I have to supply images or can you find what I'm looking for?


This is your choice, we can find images to best match what you are looking for, but not always do we have exactly what you are looking for.  If you choose to let us supply the images please be specific in what you are looking for, for example if you want a bird, what kind of bird, how large/small, and where.


 When will I know that my order has been completed?


You will receive an approval drawing from us via e-mail, our turn around time is approximately one week.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us!  Also note that ALL approval drawings are done in black and white regardless whether you ordered a color or black and white etching.  The storage space that colored drawings would take up in our system would be extrodinary, that's why we keep everything in black and white until it is etched on the stone if you requested color.


I received an approval drawing but I'm not happy with it and would like to make changes, how do I do this?


 No problem, we'll work closely with you to achieve the drawing you look for.  We ask that all changes be sent in writing either by e-mail or fax so that we can keep track of exactly what changes have been requested. This does not mean you can't call us!  If we have questions we'll contact you and go through the changes you would like and make sure we get it right!


Do etchings wear out?


If you have purchased a quality stone product with an industry standard polish finish, the etching will be there as long as the stone is.


What can I expect for a turnaround time on my etching?


An approval drawing usually takes about a week to receive and once the drawing has been approved for a black and white etching, the etching will take about a week to produce.  If a drawing has been approved for a color laser etching or glass art, turn around time is a little longer.


If I have a general question about an order, what do I do?


Give us a call, send us an e-mail, or stop in to the shop and we'll go over your questions. 




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