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What is Glass Art?


GLASS Art™ offers unique choices for imaging pictures, emblems, scenes and lettering on any type or color of granite. GLASS Art™ offers durability unavailable anywhere else. The following answer most questions about GLASS Art™.


How is it produced?

High powered lasers are utilized to “tattoo” the pigment into the granite. The images are encapsulated into a “glass” envelope, protected against the elements.

Why glass?

Glass is inert and is highly resistant to change or oxidization over a long period of time, and provides a “self healing” sealer which will last indefinitely. How long will it last?
GLASS Art™ has been tested by Atlas Testing Laboratories in Chicago IL, one of the oldest and most respected testing labs in the country. They ranked it’s durability with fired ceramic glaze, one of the toughest composites known. It has been tested for UV exposure, moisture, acids, oxidizers, temperature variations and physical abrasions. There is no other process known that has the lifespan of GLASS Art™.

Is GLASS Art™ a proprietary process?


I have heard it looks like a sticker. Is that true?

When GLASS Art™ is first delivered from the factory, it has a “puffy” sticker appearance until the image matures or ripens in the sun for 3-6 months. After the aging period, it will be absorbed into the stone and flatten out. These important parts of the process help the image last far longer than any other known method. Care should be taken with the stone and artwork for the first 6 months; afterwards, it will gain extraordinary strength and durability.

What can I clean it with?

GLASS Art™ can stand up to virtually any cleaner, but care should be taken not to use abrasive cleaners such as AJAX®, Soft Scrub®, or Bon Ami®. The best cleaner is mild dishwashing detergent followed by a clean rinse.


How many images have you produced?

Thousands of memorials have been produced on every type of granite known, in every part of the country. Countless families have been delighted by the vibrant images.

Can this be done on an existing stone?

Yes, but the memorial must be sent to our factory for imaging, currently, this process cannot be done in the field.


What kind of surface does the stone need?

GLASS Art™ can be imaged on a polished surface, a steeled surface, or a sawed surface. Under certain conditions, it can be used on a flamed surface.

What types of granite work best?

Any type of granite can be used; this process was specifically designed for the non-black granite.

How long does the process take?

It is important to give GLASS Art™ adequate time to set up prior to shipping, and occasionally, atmospheric conditions can delay the catalyzation time. GLASS Art™ should not be rushed to ship after manufacture, and allowing the image adequate time to harden.



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